enter the world of raspberry pi

justPi brand has been estabilished and designed for your minicomputers.

We exceed at creating Raspberry Pi solutions.

Join us to discover perfectly crafted accessories and reach out for might hidden in your device.

Attractive design

Aesthetics and functionality aiming for a timeless look

Dedicated Accessories

Unparalleled accesories, gadgets and extras just for Raspberry Pi

minikomputer Raspberry Pi 4B

well-studied projects

Driven by long-term experience in the world of electronics

quality and performance

Carefully tested and compatible parametres only


Proper power supply is fundamental for your work. Our switched-mode power supplies are created for those longing for safety and compatibility. Every justPi power supply brings assurance and stability of the parametres – your device won’t let you down in any given situation.


More memory means more possibilities. Dedicated Raspberry Pi memory cards contain preinstalled NOOBs system, excel at providing hassle-free, lightning-speed transfer and provide aid in creation of more advanced projects.


protection and cooling

Raspberry Pi minicomputers are fragile devices. They demand proper protection from mechanical damage and overheating. Our cases brands your Raspberry safe and keep its temperature at moderated and stable levels.


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Being an official justPi distributor, Botland is an electronics store popular in Poland and across the Europe.