JustPi 32 GB memory cards are high quality equipment dedicated to Raspberry Pi. They are designed to act as the main memory carrier in our beloved minicomputers. They have appropriately adapted parameters such as speed class 10 (C10) – UHS-1 (U1). 

32 GB
10 UHS-I
speed class
karta pamięci justPi do Raspberry Pi

proper card, proper software

Thanks to the pre-installation of the NOOBs system, justPi cards are ready for use after taking them out of the box. They are characterised by compatibility with other accessories and easy installation of the operating system.

The product is fully compliant with the requirements of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and works with Raspberry Pi 4B 1GB RAM, Raspberry Pi 4B 2GB RAM and Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB RAM.

for all your needs

Every Raspberry Pi fan can choose the card that suits their needs – justPi offers microSD/SDHC cards in 32 GB capacity.


The cards are suitable for devices that do not require high recording speeds – they can be used as a i.e. storage device in cameras.

easy setup

justPi cards have pre-loaded NOOBs software, which allows easy installation of the operating system on the Raspberry Pi minicomputer.
Such systems can be Windows 10, Linux and some other as well.

speed matters

Our cards support UHS standard – Ultra High Speed. It allows instant transfer and enables connection with SDHC/SDXC cards.
The Roman character (I) in the UHS-I designation is UHS speed class. Please note that when sending large files to a card with an adapter
of a lower speed class than UHS-I, the transmission will be limited to the speed of slower hardware.

100 MB/s
maksymalna prędkość odczytu

Every justPi card has UHS first class designation, which is an equivalent to tenth speed class.


karta SD justPi


What can justPi cards be used for?

justPi memory card can be used in various Raspberry Pi models, e.g. 2B/3B/3B+/4B. The card can also be used in phones or cameras.



Operations such as uploading freshly written software to Raspberry Pi or preparing space to collect data from sensors, photos or videos require the use of a memory device. A special adapter included with the card allows easy connection of the media, for example to use popular readers in laptops (in which SD card readers are available). 


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