power supply

Well-advised, reliable parametres of justPi power supply guarantee undisturbed functionality for Raspberry Pi 4. 


1,2 metres long cable comes with USB-C type connector.

3 A
5 V
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Power supplies are compatible with Raspberry Pi Foundation’s requirements – they work great with Raspberry Pi 4B 1 GB RAM, Raspberry Pi 4B 2 GB RAM, Raspberry Pi 4B 4 GB RAM versions & Raspberry Pi 4B 8 GB RAM.

switched-mode power supply

By definition, a switch mode power supply is a type of power supply that uses semiconductor switching techniques, rather than standard linear methods, to provide the required output voltage. They are commonly used in smartphones or tablets.

justPi switch mode power supply offers potent electrical efficiency – up to 90%. That’s much more than the regulated power supply performance.

up to 90 %
resistant to power system fault

Power system faults do not affect the work of power supply and your Raspberry Pi.

universal use

Power supply lets you use your minicomputer all around the world with adapter matching the type of the socket. 


Low weight and handy measures of justPi power supply makes it compact in every situation.

Protection from short circuits

Built-in control systems protect your device from dangerous effects of short circuits. 


Why you should use a proper power supply?

Arranging a proper power supply for electronical devices is crucial for their long-term service. 


Using a power supply with a matching end, but with incorrect input voltage or incorrect current means the straightforward road to encounter a dangerous situation. 

Electricity provider with current too high will overheat the device and may be the reason of fire. 

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